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Our Approach

Our goal is that you learn something new every time we meet and to deliver important, timely financial information.  We are committed to building an environment of trust and transparency.  We believe in the fundamentals of modern portfolio theory and will periodically review your asset allocation strategy with the goal of optimizing investment diversification.


Diversification and asset allocation do not ensure a profit or protect against loss.

Our Philosophy

With your financial needs at the helm of our practice, we are committed to:

• Positioning your portfolio to reflect your short- and long-term goals
• Treating you as family and your wealth as if it were our own
• Aligning your investments with your values
• Building trust throughout our relationship

Once a plan is established, we can meet regularly or as needed to discuss any changes in your situation or goals.  Change is the only constant in this business, so periodic review meetings are one of the most valuable tools at our disposal to help us adjust our plan.